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Fachada actual

Brestahl counts on industrial facilities with more than 1.000 m2 of appropriate production area to develop its activity.

The equipment used by BRESTAHL is technologically advanced and the company relies on its worldwide highly recognized partners.

BRESTAHL gladly takes part in the development of technical specifications for its clients, bearing in mind their particular demandings if applicable.

 Conception, planning and simulation of products / processes are done using advanced CAD software (2D/3D/FEA), which allows

industrialization and programming of products by avoiding unwished-for surprises.


  "More than working for you, we want to work with you..."


 BRESTAHL, a high tech company specialized in metalworking, is capable of proposing complete solutions by offering services in:

  • Highly demanding welding (special materials / special processes);
  • Anticorrosive coatings (special treatments/painting);
  • Engineering services (product, processes, industrialization);
  • Support in conception and developing stages;

Besides the necessary guarantees as far as the product and processes are concerned, we propose a different approach in terms of

sharing responsibility for the final result.